Holes in pouch of C.calceolus (with photo)

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Abgeschickt von Matti Niissalo am 03 Juni, 2003 um 04:37:12

Antwort auf: Wasp cuts hole into the pouch of C.flavum von Anthony Darby am 21 Mai, 2003 um 05:49:49:

It really happens in wild too! I took this photo at Ċland last sunday, when it was in full bloom. This part of a larger photo shows how many of the plants flowers were eaten up. Some holes might have been made by sunburn which had made the cells in the labellum to die, but at least most seemed to be eaten up by perhaps some bees that were wise enough not to be willing to take extra weight to their backs!

The flowering is starting in Finland too. I'll soon see how Cyps will bloom in Kuusamo (northeastern Finland) next weekend. I believe there will hardly be any blooms so far north yet.




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