Re: Photo of C.bardolphianum

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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 01 Juni, 2003 um 10:12:31

Antwort auf: Re: Photo of C.bardolphianum von Uta von rad am 30 Mai, 2003 um 12:56:29:

Hello Uta and Michael,

usually Cyp. bardolphianum is spotted on the leaves, especially in the yellow type form (i.e. the form collected scientifically described as Cyp. bardolphianum was of the same coloration as your plant, Michael). The form with dark maroon sepals and petals has a more or less strongly developed maroon margin around the leaves and rarely develops also some spotting on the leaves. Out of flower these spotted plants are very similar to micranthum (which has often smaller but more spots on the leaves) and forrestii (which has been firstly published as Cyp. bardolphianum var. zhongdianense, which is why the literature often says Cyp. bardolphianum would also occur in Northwest Yunnan). By the way, all yellow bardolphianums I have seen so far have always had plain bright green leaves without any reddish margin or any spots.



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