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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 27 April, 2000 um 09:50:47

Antwort auf: Cyp. acaule von Glen Ladnier am 27 April, 2000 um 05:05:24:

Dear Glen,

C.acaule is one of the most sensitive and difficult species of Cypripedium. Most plants die within 2 or 3 years of culture. C.acaule seems to be extremly sensitive to micro organisms. Therefore the plant needs an intact mycorrhiza for protection or a sterile soil with pH 3.5 - 4. The natural habitat is dry pine wood where they grow in acid sand with a layer of pine needles on top (see photos). A few specimen grow in wet sphagnum bogs, too. Keep the plants quite dry during summer, they don't need much moisture. This will also reduce rot problems. Watering the plants with acid water (adjusted to pH 3.5 with phosphoric acid) will keep the pH of the substrate low.