Re: C. reginae in a bog garden?

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Abgeschickt von Tristan Hatton-Ellis am 29 Mai, 2003 um 11:55:46

Antwort auf: Re: C. reginae in a bog garden? von Michael Weinert am 28 Mai, 2003 um 05:46:24:

Dear Michael and Paul,

Thanks for this advice. Looks like I shall need to get another 'Ulla'! I think C.parviflorum (or perhaps a hybrid such as 'Emil'?) might be worth a try as the site gets light shading during the main part of the day by a birch. The Cyperus and Thelypteris would also provide plenty of humidity and shade in mid to late summer.

My main concern would really be high water levels in winter since I suspect Cyps are much more vulnerable to this than Dactylorhizas! I'll have another look at the site when I next go to visit my parents.



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