Re: Greenhouse cultivation

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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 29 Mai, 2003 um 10:47:11

Antwort auf: Greenhouse cultivation von Anthony Darby am 07 Mai, 2003 um 10:35:18:

After some heavy losses through a nasty pathogenic fungus in the garden beds I came to the conclusion, that nothing is better than growing cypripediums in pots in a cold greenhouse. The infection started with a single plant (totting at the stem- base without infecting the rhizome or roots but resulted in the total loss of all leaves including stem in early summer)and wiped out numerous specimens in the garden within two growing seasons. None of the different fungcides I tried could stop it. Only in the greenhouse the plants in pots grew happy on. This because I placed the pots on roasts so each plant was well isolated from the others. Don't plunge! Any pathogen will spread easily from pot to pot. And sooner or later (say within the first years or after 20 years) something will strike a valulable and much loved Cypripedium collection. Ask an honest grower with many years experience, and he/she can tell...

So if you want to stay happy with your plants in the greenhouse and won't give pathogens in the substrate a chance, keep the pots seperate. The little extra work in watering will pay off!



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