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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 29 Mai, 2003 um 05:47:25

Antwort auf: Differences von Christian Davis am 29 Mai, 2003 um 00:49:25:

Hi Christian,

If you want to read the description of Charles Sheviak, who named these varieties, see one of his postings on this forum. Please click the link below.

By the way: Together with other fellow growers I am not convinced of the concept to seperate C.parviflorum var. parviflorum and C.p. var. makasin. This species is as variable as other Cyps and I cannot recognize distinct types which would be worth to be named seperately. However I would like to stress that I am not speaking of C.pubescens (or C.parviflorum var.pubescens), which certainly is different.

Best regards



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