Re: C. guttatum & C. passerinum

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 22 Mai, 2003 um 07:08:20

Antwort auf: C. guttatum & C. passerinum von Ray Jennings am 22 Mai, 2003 um 02:18:07:

Hi Ray,

The reality lies somewhere in the middle. Experiments showed that some fungus strains can germinate several orchid species, other strains only one species. The second question is how strong the fungus is. If it is too strong then it will kill the seedling, is it too weak then it fails to feed the embryo and germination does not occur.

It may rise the probability of success if you mix the seed with some original soil and then spread it in your garden. However the result is completely unpredictable. If you use original soil I would keep some distance to your Cyps. The fungi in this soil might be harmful to them!

Good luck



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