C. guttatum & C. passerinum

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Abgeschickt von Ray Jennings am 22 Mai, 2003 um 02:18:07

A friend was offering free seeds from these 2 species. He doesn't grow orchids from seeds and explained how difficult they are to propagate. I didn't realize how difficult until after I received the seeds and read up on the process.

Flaskings, etc. is all too involved for me. So, I'm just going to sprinkle these seeds around. My question is if the fungi needed to get seeds started are unique to each type of Cypripedium or would all the northern cold hardy types use the same fungi? I was going to sprinkle the seeds in amongst my C. montanum and C. calceolus. These species have propagated with no problem in my garden over the years. I could get some soil sent to me that these seeds come from. Would an innoclant of this soil be better than my current Cypripedium soil or is it all more or less the same?

The bottom line is: does each Cypripedium species need its own unique fungus? Either way, I'll be sticking these in the ground and maybe one day, many years from now, I'll get a new orchid I had forgotten about.
British Columbia, Canada, zone 3/4


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