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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 24 April, 2000 um 21:23:54

Antwort auf: Re: C. formosanum - twin flower and virus symptoms von Alastair Robinson am 19 April, 2000 um 09:54:04:

: Have you recorded any viral outbreaks in your collection before?

No! luckily. I suspected this plant last year and kept it seperate from the rest but thought the pale leaf streaks might be a deficiency in my feeding. I changed the fertilizer and compost but the streaks came back this year. A contact in the Hardy Orchid Society (UK) has offered to screen a piece of leaf for virus when he returns from holiday in early May. He suspects potyvirus and that it is spread by aphids. I did note a few aphids on an emerging bud of this plant early last season and sprayed to kill them.

I don't want any infection to be transmitted round my other plants but you can understand I am reluctant to destroy it without good cause.

Best wishes