Re: Salvaged plants

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Abgeschickt von Jim Hatchett am 06 Mai, 2003 um 06:07:14

Antwort auf: Salvaged plants von Uli Tiesler am 04 Mai, 2003 um 02:07:54:

I would agree with Paul, Tom is a good guy and seems ethical. My dealings with Tom have been very positive, I have bought some Cyps from him that were well handled and have done well when planted out. This is not the usual situation however. Most of the "propagated" or "salvaged" material that is advertised is in poor condition and, generaly, will soon expire. I have done a bit of salvage myself and the effort it takes to ensure a viable specimen is, on average, not economicly viable. You are money ahead to to purchase lab propagated seedlings or mature plants of the same.


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