Re: Salvaged plants

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Abgeschickt von Paul P. Perakos am 04 Mai, 2003 um 17:39:01

Antwort auf: Re: Salvaged plants von Michael Weinert am 04 Mai, 2003 um 04:21:40:

This past Fall I purchased 3 large clumps of salvaged plants from Tom Nelson in Minnesota. (Tom Nelson is a reputable/licensed cyp salvager and is featured in the book Orchid Fever).

I asked that these plants be shipped with their own dirt to ease the transition. I also liked the idea of buying clumps as dividing salvaged plants or any cyp. adds risk.

I got a parvi, pubescens and reginae clumps and so far these cyps are about an inch tall and looking quite healthy. Shoot count is 28, 14, 19 respectively. I will let you know how they do and take some pictures when they are in full bloom.



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