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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 04 Mai, 2003 um 04:21:40

Antwort auf: Salvaged plants von Uli Tiesler am 04 Mai, 2003 um 02:07:54:

Dear Uli,

On the one hand it seems reasonable to salvage plants from sites where roads are built for example. However I don't like this concept because nobody can distinguish illegally dug plants from "salvaged" plants. It is only possible to distinguish cultivated plants and plants from the wild. Cultivated plants have intact root tips and long, undamaged roots. Plants from the wild have the roots cut and very often you can find small root sections of other plants between the Cyp roots, especially near the rhizome.

Plants from the wild, salvaged or illegal, are always very sensitive during the first years in cultivation and losses are high. Even robust species make a lot of problems if they are disturbed like this. It means a severe setback for the plants and normally it takes several years before they flower again. No Cyp is more stable than the specimen from artificial propagation and seedlings may flower earlier than the plant from the wild (if it even survives). Please see the top of this forum for sources of artificially propagated Cyps.

Kind regards



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