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Abgeschickt von Camiel F. de Jong am 24 April, 2003 um 10:59:14

Antwort auf: Seramis von Matti Niissalo am 22 April, 2003 um 16:31:15:

Hi Matti,

Don't bother too much about the Seramis. A lot of my seedlings are at a nursery where they are grown in a mixture of vulca and perlite (50/50). They do very well but the mixture is drier and has less water retention capacity as compared to the mixture to which Seramis is added.
Vulca is a kind of pumice from Iceland. In the Netherlands it is used in hydroculture and potting soils. Perlite is widely used in horticulture so I expect you may find it as well where you live. These materials are normally not available here from garden centers but can be bought from nursery suppliers. Some of them also sell in small quantities when you go there and ask or if you know people working there. It may help if you become a member of some association like alpine garden associations.

Good luck!



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