Re: C. formosanum - twin flower and virus symptoms

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Abgeschickt von Alastair Robinson am 19 April, 2000 um 09:54:04

Antwort auf: C. formosanum - twin flower and virus symptoms von Peter Corkhill am 18 April, 2000 um 15:46:22:

Your double flowered C. formosanum is beautiful; good for you.
Have you recorded any viral outbreaks in your collection before? That is always a possibility, though it may not be the case. I have observed double flowers in non-orchidaceous plants that have suffered from cold shock at an early stage in the development of their new growth (another characteristic observed has been streaky leaves), and I'm sure that other factors might creep in there - perhaps the plant is just bursting with health!
I had a trawl through the science citation index at University College this afternoon and found references to mild/non-lethal potyviruses of Cypripedium that can cause observable number mutations - unfortunately, I could find little more than a sketchy abstract on the publication.

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