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Abgeschickt von Tristan Hatton-Ellis am 22 April, 2003 um 23:41:38

Antwort auf: Seramis von Matti Niissalo am 22 April, 2003 um 16:31:15:

Hi Matti

I buy my Seramis from Queenswood Nursery in the UK From their website it looks as though they will post overseas though no postage charge is given.

It might be worth contacting Seramis directly, either through their main website (in German) or the British variant

Presumably they will be able to tell you if it is available in Finland.

Queenswood also sell Perlite in large bags. Don't bother with Vermiculite though - after a month or two exposed to the rain it breaks up and forms compacted mats that are death to plant roots. It may be ok inside or where the compost is regularly changed.

Good luck!



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