Rate of success

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Abgeschickt von François Pageau am 21 April, 2003 um 14:25:58

I have started to grow Cypripedium just out of flask about three years ago. I was used to grow Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium out of flask when I started. I am not satisfied with the rate of success for the first years. Out of 20 seedlings only six survived for two years, they are still surviving when planted outside. All of the reginae (20) were planted outside the second year. This was too much risk, they all died. I have tried with different species and the survival rate has been below 30% .

This year is supposed to be different because I have started 15 differents species in February. I am trying to see how the temperature influences the growth at the beginning (first two months). Those growing at 10- 12 °C are doing better than those at 18-20 °C, what I was told before but I needed to see if it was true. C.californicum, flavum, kentuckiense seem to grow easily under both conditions.

I would appreciate if the experts (those who have a lot of experience) would share a little about what would be a good rate of success for different species. Hopefully with learning how to grow these beautiful plants better I can stop killing the seedlings.


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