C.'Gisela' - very vigorous!

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Abgeschickt von Tristan Hatton-Ellis am 20 April, 2003 um 07:40:57

Dear Mr. Weinert,

I'm sure you get lots of emails like this all the time, but I just thought I should tell you how impressed I am with the growth of 'Gisela'. Last May I bought a single nosed plant in Paul Christian's sale - as you can imagine it was already trying to start into growth and was unhappy. It aborted its flower and the foliage remained yellowish for most of the summer, perhaps because the rather sandy compost I had it in was too wet.

I was therefore surprised and delighted to find that the plant had produced four buds! These are now showing above the surface and all of them seem to be flowering size. I await results this spring with interest...

Kind regards,



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