Re: C.'Ulla Silkens' - Botrytis at shoot bud?

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Abgeschickt von Camiel F. de Jong am 13 April, 2003 um 10:44:20

Antwort auf: C.'Ulla Silkens' - Botrytis at shoot bud? von Paul Ravenhill am 12 April, 2003 um 00:26:19:

Hi Paul,

I totally agree with Michael. The plant looks absolutely healthy, so no worries. What you see are the hairs of the plant and not the sporangia of Botrytis. Many Cyp species have these hairs and the presence or absence of them can help in determination of the species. These hairs are also known to cause an allergic reaction (rash) in some individuals.

About Botrytis: Botrytis is an oportunistic fungus that is present everywhere. When you leave strawberries for a couple of days the first thing that starts growing on them is Botrytis. My experience is that only seedlings just out of flask or plants in a weakened condition are attacked by Botrytis giving it the final push. In case of Botrytis infection treatment with an agent containing the systemic fungicide Chlorothalonil will help as well as improvement of culture conditions like increasing air circulation preventing pockets of "dead air".

Happy growing,

Camiel F. de Jong



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